Australian made kids clothing - My Bijou are proud to be LOCALLY MADE!

My Bijou are proud to announce that we have been working with local Australian businesses to find the perfect fit for our colourful hand painted fabric designs. Nothing makes me more happy than to be able to label our new clothing release with AUSTRALIAN MADE. 

Aussies have come a long way in their support for Australian made products. There is so much more awareness about who to support, how to support, and why to support Australian made. As a mum of a toddler, I know what thoughts go into purchasing kids clothing. You want it to look good, be able to get dirty, pulled, wiped, stretched, washed every week and passed down to the next one! The only way I felt I could monitor the quality of these pieces was to bring it home. I want to see the clothing being made here in Australia. I want to be able to call up any person in the chain of business and say "G'day".

Anyone can go to Kmart and buy a romper from China. I'm excited to bring together a whole range of Australian business and creatives, from the artists, to the textile designers, to the digital printers, to the clothing manufacturers, label makers, leaflet printers, website designers.... right down to the Aussie couriers who will knock on your door. Australian made kids clothing will put your dollars into many Australian families' pockets!


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