Bandana bibs - Exciting new design and colours! Made in Australia!

I am so excited for our new bandana bibs! We are taking our spot in the plain coloured bib marketplace very seriously! Bandana bibs need to have next level co-ordination skills. They are an important baby accessory. The baby bib is the equivalent to the matching handbag or shoe colour. It just has to bring the outfit together or it's just not happening.

I began this business with the intention of fixing a problem. Finding a solution to a major issue I was facing daily. It wasn't that my baby was sleeping approximately 7 minutes at a time... no, that was expected. It was a problem I could never have guessed would aggravate me so much! I had so many amazing patterned clothes and onesies. So many colours and patterns to choose from! I loved planning my baby boys outfits but it always ended with the same problem. All the bibs were just as colourful! Not one plain bib. I had stripes, spots, arrows, zig zags. Every pattern and colour you could imagine. I just want a plain bandana bib. A black bib. A grey bib. A white bib. Just a plain coloured bib! At that time, it just was not possible to find what I wanted in good quality fabrics with a good fit around the neck.

After talking amongst my mothers groups, I realised I wasn't alone.

So I designed one exactly how I wanted it and had it made in 6 PLAIN COLOURS. These bibs are still selling now! (The last of our stock is almost out.)

So many happy customers later, we are now taking the next big step in our plain bandana bib journey. We are moving manufacturing home to Australia. This coincides with our design stage for our Spring Art Collaboration. The new bandana bibs will be created using custom dyed colours matched from our hand painted fabric designs. You will not find these colours anywhere! They have been mixed with paint by our featured artists and I have chosen them straight off the design!

If you would like to be the first to see the colours and the new design of our bandana bibs, sign up for discount codes (bottom left of screen) and you will get details ASAP!

 So if you know a new mum, mum to be or an old hand at mumming. Let them know that they are not alone with the problems of motherhood. Especially the patterned bib epidemic.

SOLUTION - Plain bandana bibs in every colour. #GOALS

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