How should a romper fit?

How should a romper fit a toddler or baby?

Well according to us, you can fit it however you like. Kids are all different shapes and sizes and we wanted to make a romper that would easily fit them all!

Our style romper was designed with extended fit in mind. We want the romper to fit your kid as they grow, fit the next baby .. and then pass it onto your friends kid.

The romper legs are purposely designed to fit a few different ways. For kids with a long body and short legs, they will probably sit under the knee. If you have a tall kid, they could wear it scrunched up above the knee. 

If you have a baby and you want to get a few seasons out of it, let them wear it down to their ankles, then up over their knees as they grow!


My Bijou romper in colourful print - made in Australia

Here we have these gorgeous brothers wearing the EXACT same romper. They took turns to show how versatile this fit is. Young Eli is 2 years old and Azariah is 3.5 years old.



My Bijou aussie made romper in colourful prints

Check out this cutie on his 2nd Birthday rocking our romper in a size 3 down to his ankles! Love it. He will probably wear this until he's 4 as once he's out of nappies there is extra room for height.


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