Garment Care

How to care for your wearable art.


Digital Print

To include all the colours of the artists' paintings we use digital printing on our fabrics. This method produces a beautiful and seamless colour print for our wearable artworks for your little ones. 


Our fabric is an amazing quality Australian made organic cotton jersey with 10% spandex. The spandex is included to extend the life of the garments. Spandex strengthens the fabric and helps it bounce back after stretching and washing.

Printed fabrics become fragile when wet. Please follow the intructions on the tags of the clothing. Do not wash in hot water and never rub the surface of the print.

For best results, we recommend washing in cold or cool water up to 30 degrees with very gentle detergent without phosphates. 

Some fading as a result of cleaning is normal for digital printing on natural fabrics. Fading can be especially visible in dark deep colours. Fading can be minimized through use of cool hand wash and phosphate free detergent.

If you using front loading washing machine please be aware that fabric might fade along the fabric creases easily due to strong tumbling action during washing in front loaders.


For best results, hang dry printed garments.


We recommend not ironing printed garments.